Welcome to Toby's! Please select from one of our establishments below!

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Welcome to Toby’s! We are a family-owned local business dedicated to providing you with amazing experiences at all of our locations! What are those locations?

We have a beautiful two level pub on Commercial Drive where we host lots of live entertainment and sport events on larger than life screens! On the North Shore we offer gastro-pub style dishes at our Irish fusion restaurant. The enterprising new world spirit reaches across several oceans and continents to fuse culinary traditions such as our now famous Butter Chicken Yorkies!

After you have had all the fun you can handle at the Pub and Restaurant you should check out our incredibly well stocked Liquor Stores. We make a concerted effort to find and promote locally produced craft beer….but that’s not all you will find! All your favorite wines, ciders, coolers and spirits are here and waiting for you. If you haven’t made a decision yet click on any of the websites above to get more information, otherwise come down right now and see us!

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